For most of us, the school year is over or in its final weeks. Students and staff alike hopefully will have a chance to rest, grow and prepare for a fresh start. This season of spring renewal and summer graduations invites reflection on what we can do better to create a world of opportunities for every learner.

Every graduate we see proudly sporting their cap and gown has a story. Whether their journey across that stage was likely or remarkable, they are to be lauded. Their graduation is the fulfillment of a promise that their hard work, commitment, and determination to overcome challenges large and small will grant them a starting position on the path to future success. But the grim reality is that not all graduates are equally prepared or on track for college or career success. So, how do we turnaround underperforming schools in our quest to ensure all learners realize their full potential?

Our mission at AdvancED is to lead and empower the education community to deliver a quality education by keeping continuous improvement as the central driver for every institution’s efforts. There are no failing schools, but there are kids failing – and being failed – in every school. From state take-overs to leadership capacity and resource constraints, the challenges are many, but so are the opportunities. The spring/summer edition of The Source is focused on School Turnaround and offers solutions to addressing this complex challenge from the perspective of experienced educators and industry experts. If you’re like me, you strive to be a life-long learner. With that in mind, let’s kick-off your summer reading.

Inside this edition…

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