School turnaround is a facinating topic and we hope you have enjoyed hearing from our experts and featured authors. If you are interested in reading more about school turnaround, check out these resources, case studies and articles on the topic.

Learning from Lawrence Acceleration Academies

The Acceleration Academies are but one in a suite of interventions designed by the Lawrence Public Schools to transform the district. This is a case study of one of the most powerful learning interventions in Massachusetts. During February and April school vacation weeks, students in grades 3-12 work intensively with exceptional teachers in small, hands-on learning environments. The Acceleration Academies in the Lawrence Public Schools offer critical lessons about teaching and learning for educators, policymakers, and other leaders.

From Turnaround to Distinction: A Case Study of Fleming County Schools

by AdvancED

Fleming County Public Schools, located in an agricultural area on the edge of the Appalachian foothills of Kentucky, read how Fleming County Schools went from having one of the lowest performing high schools in the state to becoming a district of distinction. Using AdvancED’s Diagnostic Review process, Fleming County Public Schools went from being one of the state’s lowest performing districts to one of its most successful— A Distinguished District in just three years. Read the full case study here.

Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement

By The Center on School Turnarond, WestEd

The Center on School Turnaround at WestEd (CST) has developed a framework to assist states, districts, and schools in leading and managing rapid improvement efforts. The framework shares, in practical language, the critical practices of successful school turnaround in four domains, or areas of focus, that research and experience suggest are central to rapid and significant improvement: turnaround leadership, talent development, instructional transformation, and culture shift. Read about the framework for improvement here.

5 Myths That Inhibit School Turnaround

by Laura Hoxworth, UVA Today

University of Virginia, Curry School of Edcation professor Coby Myers share five of the most common mysths inhibiting effective sccessful school turnarond taken from his book, “Enduring Myths That Inhibit School Turnaround” by Meyers and co-editor Marlene Darwin of the American Institutes for Research. Addressed in the book as “the myth of single-lever turnaround,” the professor critiques the past 15 years of school turnaround efforts, examining where they have fallen short – and potentially illustrating a way forward.

Washington School Makes Remarkable Turnaround, Credits Saturday Classes

by Marva Hinton, Education Week

The plan to offer Saturday classes at a Washington elementary school started as a joke. Dana Reynolds jokingly told her 3rd grade class that students should come to school on Saturdays, and they ran with it. Read the about this story here.

School Turnaround under ESSA: Progress, But Not a silver bullet

by Elizabeth Mann Levesque, Brown Center on Education Policy.

In the case of school turnaround, as with so many other areas of K-12 policy, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) marks a dramatic departure from the NCLB era. Under ESSA, districts are free to choose how to intervene in low-performing schools, provided that the interventions they select meet the revised standards of evidence-based research under ESSA.