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Blended Learning in Action: A Practical Guide Toward Sustainable Change

By Caitlin R. Tucker, Tiffany Wycoff and Jason T. Green.

This book addresses each aspect of developing a blended learning program from creating a blended culture and communicating with all the various stakeholders involved, to exploring classroom models and building a learning toolbox. Blended learning has the power to reinvent education, but the transition requires a new approach to learning and a new skillset for educators. Loaded with research and examples, Blended Learning in Action demonstrates the advantages a blended model has over traditional instruction when technology is used to engage students both inside the classroom and online. Readers will find:

  • Breakdowns of the most effective classroom setups for blended learning
  • Tips for leaders
  • Ideas for personalizing and differentiating instruction using technology
  • Strategies for managing devices in schools
  • Questions to facilitate professional development and deeper learning

Teachers Share What It Will Take to Make Them Feel Safe Again. It’s about more than Masks

by Kimmie Fink, wearetachers.com

Rumors are swirling about what a potential return to school might look like. Since teachers are on the frontlines in terms of the impact of these decisions, this article askes teachers to answer the question: “What will it take to make you feel safe again?” Teachers represent a huge and diverse group, so it’s no surprise their answers ranged from ready to go back without any additional precautions to wanting to wait for a vaccine.

Schools nationwide brace for cuts from new financial crisis

by Jeff Amy, Associated Press

More than 13,000 public school districts face the possibility of sharp budget cuts as state tax revenues decline because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was during the Great Recession when Catoosa County first shortened its school year, from 180 to 175 instructional days, as it began years of furloughs due to budget cuts. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the next school year will be shorter still, with only 170 classroom days.

Why Are Some Kids Thriving During Remote Learning?

By Nora Fleming, edutopia, April 24, 2020

Though remote learning has brought many challenges, some students seem to be thriving in the new circumstances. What can we learn from them?

It’s time to accept that the point of school has changed

Opinion by Lisa Selin Davis, CNN

What schools should do and be during a pandemic? This mother and freelance writer shares her opinion about remote learning challenges, social regression, and the importance of SEL. While teachers learned to navigate online portals in the first days of remote learning, most parents and kids were expected to know them immediately, with no room for a learning curve, she writes.