Online Articles on Educational Change

A Survey of Educational Change Models. ERIC Digest.

James B. Ellsworth

A collection of change model frameworks, solidly grounded in empirical studies and practical applications. A small group of studies from disciplines outside educational change (in some cases outside education) also contribute to key concepts.

Educational Change? What the Research Says

Pete Reilly

What are the hidden forces that are slowing educational reform and how can we unlock the doors that are guarded so diligently by educational gatekeepers? It should come as no surprise that one of the most influential factors influencing teacher/gatekeeper decisions about innovations are the competence/credibility of the change agent.

Toward Systemic Educational Change – Questions from a Complex Systems Perspective

Jay Lemke & Working Group 3 Collaborators

This Report both highlights the prospects for a complex systems approach to educational change and invites wider participation in the next stages of formulating a research and action agenda. The aim of that agenda is twofold: (1) to find the best ways to bring these new tools for thinking to the largest numbers of students in every area of the curriculum, and (2) to apply the insights of complex systems analysis to one of the most complex systems of all: our contemporary system of education.

Why Educational Change is Hard: Practical Theory

Chris Lehmann

This posting examines why educational change is taking place so slowly and the risks (low and high) of not changing our schools.