At a time when education is under a national spotlight, Mark Elgart, president & CEO of AdvancED, the world’s largest non-profit education community, filmed a provocative video series called Education Advantage on the state of education in the United States. The hope is that AdvancED can serve as a catalyst for a conversation on the tremendous impact that poverty, race and segregation still have on the public school system in this country.

Why do kids have to go to school at the same time everyday? Why do they have to leave school at the same time every day? Why do they have to sit in classrooms in rows for 45 minutes having the exact same homework, the exact same lesson as 29 other kids? We don’t, if we are willing to make a commitment to personalizing that journey for every child. With each passing generation the challenge for school to overcome the effects of poverty on learning become greater. If you are born in poverty, you stay in poverty your entire life. View “The Poverty Paradigm,” the first in the three-part Education Advantage video series now.


The Education Advantage video series:

Part 1: The Poverty Paradigm

Part 2: Separate But Not Equal

Part 3: Flip the Paradigm